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April 2017

Beautiful Spring flowers encouraged by early warmth but a bit of a set back by late frosts.  We look forwards to the Chestnuts flowering soon...


April 2016

Our bumpy lane into the farm has been re-laid and topped with a nice new tarmac surface.  No speeding allowed!!

28th March 2014

So much has happened, I now have 4 grandchildren and one more due in September.2 girls and 2 boys, how wonderful is that? Richard would have been so thrilled, but sadly he died in October 2012, hence no blog.

Today I have had it confirmed that Visit Britain has awarded my apartments 5 stars and their farmhouse breakfast award.

The crocuses planted those years ago were beautiful this year, I am still not sure which colour flowers first, I think it changes each year, just to keep me guessing. As to the birds I have 2 jays on the peanuts they are bullies so I do sometimes shoo them away, but they need food as well.

I only have one dog, Fudge a very beautiful chocolate labrador ( but I would say that wouldn't I?)  not totally obedient but so gentle with the grandchildren.


Will be back soon.

23rd June 2011
Hello again,
Well I am pleased to say that we have been quite busy for the last few weeks. Lots of German visitors who have seen us in the Merian Guide to Cornwall.

The roses have been wonderful, I think they must have enjoyed the warm dry Spring.

We have a chaffinch nesting right next to the front door, and I have worried every time someone has gone out or come in, but they have hatched their eggs, not fazed by the dogs or cat!

We have managed to make some big bale silage, but have been very upset by a T.B. reactor, so will be one less cow soon. She was in a group of cattle next to a herd of Alpacas, one of which died of T.B. The whole T.B. situation is ridiculous, and we, as farmers are between the politicians and the public, not a comfortable place.
Until the next time,

11th May 2011
I know I go on about the flowers but the bluebells are beautiful, my daughter had them in her wedding bouquet last year, so they must be a bit earlier this year, because that was in early June. Both dogs have passed their Pets as Therapy test, but I can’t visit any homes or hospitals because, whilst out with them and my family, I stepped into a pothole and broke my ankle! I found the crutches very difficult, it’s a pity you don’t have warning of these accidents because a little practise would have helped enormously!! So breakfast takes a bit longer at the moment! We have had some very much needed rain, and my son is not quite as worried as he was about the crop yield come harvest time.
Until the next time,

25th March 2011
Today, on the pond were two Canada Geese, a mallard drake and a heron. The geese have now flown, honking so loudly that the dogs stopped in their tracks. The heron is late this year, as a lot of frogs have spawned and they seem to be his delicacy. The lent lilies and primroses are nearly in full bloom and soon the trees will be bursting into life, the camellias are wonderful!

Some of the Aberdeen Angus cattle are out in the fields, kicking their heels in the air with delight and stretching out in the sun, perhaps we’ll have a sunny summer, but the forecast is a bit colder for the weekend! Oh dear what would the English do without the weather to discuss!
Until the next time,

12th January 2011
Well it’s not only in UK that the weather has been a trial, let’s hope that soon we all will experience normal weather. We still had snow at Christmas, the dogs and granddaughters had a wonderful time but I spent most of the time trying to stay upright, due to the ice that is! The birds became even more plentiful at the feeders and on the ground. The blackbirds and robins would really tell me if I hadn’t served breakfast on time, when it was really cold I fed them 4 times a day. It’s just as well that my guests are not so demanding!

And now marmalade making looms large and so I have stocked up on sugar, lemons, limes and ginger so I can ring the changes in the summer. Now the first bulbs are pushing through, and I look forward so much to the crocuses that we planted showing their colours, that’s assuming the squirrels and mice haven’t eaten them.
Until the next time,