Lesquite Aberdeen Angus Organic Beef, Bred On Our Own Farm

Happy and Healthy Aberdeen Angus Beef

Succulent Aberdeen Angus Steak Our organic beef is from the Aberdeen Angus breed, world renowned for its quality and flavour.

The calves are usually born into the Spring Sunshine and stay with their mothers for the rest of the year. The mothers are naturally very protective of the calves, but the calves are very curious and will often run up to us to investigate our presence, much to the consternation of mum.

Imagine the summer sunshine, cows grazing above our local coves with views miles along the Cornish coasts, or over to the china clay mountains, could anywhere be more idyllic?

In the winter the younger ones are put in the barns and fed an all grass diet so that the wonderful flavour come to be expected of our beef is not compromised..